How To Cook Pizza Rolls Without Them Exploding?

Pizza rolls have got to be one of the best snacks on the planet, but have you ever noticed that they always seem to explode a bit when you cook them?

I don’t know about you, but I want that lava-hot yummy pizza filling to scald the inside of my mouth instead of erupting all over the baking sheet.

So, I took up the task to determine how the heck I can cook pizza rolls and prevent them from exploding.

From my kitchen to yours, I’m ready to present the findings of this experiment that I did for science…and because I just freaking love any excuse to eat pizza rolls.

Don’t Use The Microwave

totinos pizza rolls
image: Ken/Flickr, CC 2.0

While you can use your microwave to heat up a plate of pizza rolls, you’re really just setting yourself up for disappointment here.

And I get it – you want those rolls in your belly as fast as possible.

But not only will you not get that crispy outside that’s so good on pizza rolls when you use the microwave, but those rolls will definitely explode.

And the worst part? You’ll still have cold spots in that pizza roll filling.

Microwaves suck for making the perfect pizza rolls, so do yourself a favor and wait the extra time for the oven to cook up those crispy beauties.

Don’t Cook For Too Long

plate of pizza rolls
image: zombieite/Flickr, CC 2.0

The main thing that I’ve discovered that keeps pizza rolls from exploding is not cooking them too long.

I’m guilty of this because I want that outside to get nice and crispy…but leaving them in the oven too long means pizza roll explosion time.

So, how long is the perfect amount of time to stop your pizza rolls from exploding?

Well, that really depends because everyone’s home oven cooks differently, so what works for me may not work for you.

Here’s my rule of thumb – look at the directions on the box of pizza rolls and shorten that cook time by two minutes.

Then, see how they look – if some exploded, then cook for a minute less next time.

If they didn’t explode – hooray!

But what if you can’t get them cooked the way you like them without them exploding?

Here’s what to do…

Consider Lowering The Cook Temperature

Yes, lowering the oven temperature means that it will take even longer to get those pizza rolls in your belly.

But this is all about perfection, right?

The perfectly cooked pizza roll that doesn’t explode.

pizza rolls
image: Thomson200, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Here’s what I recommend – look at the directions on the box of pizza rolls and shorten that cook temperature by 25F degrees.

Just remember that you’ll have to cook them for longer at this lower temperature. And keep an eye on them while they bake!

Then, see how they look – if it’s still not right, then cook for 25F degrees less next time.

If they didn’t explode and they are perfectly baked pizza rolls – hooray!

Final Thoughts

The best way to keep pizza rolls from exploding when cooked is to play around with the directions and experiment with how you make them at home.

Always cook your pizza rolls in the oven.

And just turn your kitchen into your very own pizza roll lab – it’s the perfect excuse to eat more of these tasty little pizza nibbles.

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