Can You Cut Pizza On A Pizza Stone?

If you’re like me, then taking a fresh baked pizza out of the oven is all about getting that gooey cheesy goodness into your mouth as fast as possible.

With that in mind, you may consider skipping a few steps and just slicing that baby up into pizza triangles right on that piping hot stone.

But should you really cut the pizza directly on the stone?

No, you can’t cut the pizza on the pizza stone without damaging the stone.

And you don’t want to do that.

Keep reading if you want some additional info on this.

Using A Pizza Stone

pizza on stone

If you’ve already seen our guide on using a pizza stone the first time, then you know that it is a surprisingly fragile piece of bakeware.

It can handle a ton of heat, but it doesn’t like soap or sharp objects slicing into it.

If you try to cut the pizza on the stone with a pizza wheel or knife, then you will end up cutting ridges into the actual stone – at least that is all that will happen if you’re lucky.

Worst case scenario here is that you end literally breaking the pizza stone apart.

What a mess, eh?

So, there is a better way here.

What To Cut A Hot Pizza On

Okay, so you’ve cooked the pizza on the stone and removed it with your pizza peel – but where do you put it to actually cut it?

cut pizza on counter

Ideally, you have a cutting board that you can slide it onto for cutting and serving.

Or, the best way to prepare the pizza for cutting (in my opinion) is to let the baked pizza cool on a grid-like cooling rack spaced above the surface of the counter and then transfer the pizza to a cardboard round in preparation for cutting.

That’s right, a cardboard circle is actually your best option.

After removing the pizza from the oven, DO NOT place the pizza onto a metal tray, instead place it onto a cardboard pizza circle if possible.

This will insulate the crust to help retain both heat and maintain crispiness. The metal tray will only serve to allow the pizza to sweat making for a short lived crispy crust.

If not, try using a plate or platter that the pizza will fit on for cutting.

Don’t have one?

You can put some parchment paper down on the counter and slide the pizza onto it for cutting – just make sure that if you end up cutting the paper as well, that you don’t eat it or accidentally serve pieces of it to someone under their pizza slices!

pizza with pizza wheel

Final Word

As you can see, you should never cut your pizza on the pizza stone as it can damage it.

Instead, cut the pizza on cardboard, a cutting board, a plate, or even just some parchment paper on your counter.

No sense in damaging a perfect good pizza stone just because you’re too antsy to stuff that slice into your face hole.

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